Based in the city Chichester in West Sussex, our team of Intelligence Performance is fully equipped with professional training, including specialists and experienced experts. Introducing you to our first expert Nichola Martin, who owns and runs the business, has a vast experience of 5 years, specialises in giving massages. While our other expert, Gareth Daniel is a registered exercise professional (REPs), with a long-term experience of more than 15 years in the fields of exercise and rehabilitation. Not restricted to only one procedure, Gareth is experienced to deal with patients suffering from lower back pains, diabetes and obesity. By using different and various methods of dealing with individuals or patients, our team has the ability to provide you with the best services concerning first aid, exercise referral, reiki, tui na massage, sports massage and sports injuries. We are acquitted to deal with various health conditions and aliments like sciatica lordosis, postural misalignments, duck foot, hip hikes and many more.

Our devotion and commitment towards enhancing and promoting a healthful living through exercise and various other services, makes us stand out in this competitive era. Care for our clients and their satisfaction is our foremost priority. Therefore, our consultation procedure is hassle-free and extremely comfortable for our patients.

Our first consultation will be comprised of an informal chat. This includes giving us complete knowledge of your personal and medical history and the services you wish to avail. To ascertain the root cause of your symptoms and condition, we will take several posture analysis. This will help us to get your complete first-hand information behind your ill-health. After complete evaluation, we will prescribe you the most suitable and specific care program that will cater your requirements and get the desired results for you. Once you reach the optimum level of satisfaction from the whole care program, we will be ready to start the procedure right away.

We value the importance of healthy well-being and living, therefore we welcome you to visit us for a consultation and join hands with us in enhancing your lifestyles with our exercise programs.